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RJB,LLC Our Disaster Relief & Construction Services

A Brief History of our Hurricane Disaster Relief Services

Believe it Or Not Here we go:
Worked Hurricane Camille 1969
                       As Fuel truck Driver

Hurricane Hugo 1990 Charleston S.C. as Commercial roofing and Construction Contractor.

Hurricane Andrew 1992 Morgan City La. as Commercial Roofing and Contractor.

Equipment owned By RJB,LLC
2 -135 Kabelco Excuvators with thumbs
3 - Cat Telehandlers with 3 yard Cat Buckets
4 - Volvo 40 CY Dumptrucks.  12 Freightliner Tractor Trailer 50 yard Trailers. 4 -8 ftx20ft. Goose neck 42 cy Dump Trailers- 1 Motorized Road Broom. 22 employees. Scouters,
Rd. debris cleaners, ticket Monitors - Truck drivers .
Hurricane Charlie & Jean 2003 
Daytona & Deltona Florida
Debris Contractor - SUB to CDP CW PARKER owner. thru Phillip & Jordan Contractors. Estimated amount Cubic yards 750,000.  total of 145 crews.   

Hurricane Ivan 2004 
Milton & Pensacola Florida.
SUB - from CDP CW Parker - DRC Mike Williams. 435,000 cy 75,000 tons in Stumps. approx. 40 crews. White good Contract SUB from Cahaba -Buddy Frezell. 3 weeks - 61 - 40 yard loads.

Hurricane Katrina 2005 -
Move all equipment back to Gulfport start on Beach 5 mile x 2 mile area
SUB from BAMACO thru Phillip & Jordan - 350,000 cy debris - demo 32 houses. Remove automobiles, Trees construction C&D. Approx 25 crews.

Hurricane Rita - Gustave 2007 
Move all Equipment to Baton Rouge. SUB Contract 1st tier Rick Byrd, Byrd Bro's.
West Baton rouge area Est. 100,000 cy, stumps - trees. approx. 7 crews.

Hurricane  IKE 2008-2009
Move all equipment to Pasedena & Galveston Texas. SUB for BYRD BRO's - Rick Byrd. Maintained Harris county dumpsite. Remidiate - Separation of Debris & C&D Put approx. 26 crews in Debris areas. Approx 180,000 CY Debris. Some housing Demo.

Marine Consultant - Engineering
April 2010 RJ Went to work for Loupe Engineering and Construction. Position for the BP Key was Marine Engineering With Exhaustive Marine background. Daily Duties Inspections of Barges, Boats DP 1,2 OSVs. Certify COIs - Seaworthy -
EPA Conditions -HP Ratings - GPS coordinating-
Plotting- Dispatching to oil scenes on the Gulf of Mexico and Tributaries.